Pro Kit International –The key to right treatment of Mineral Surfaces is Right Equipment, Right Tools, Right Materials and Right Know How    

Pro Kit International is a small private-owned family company specialized in concrete floors and mineral façade walls in cooperation with leading producers in the world of special tools, machines and materials.  Materials produced by ourselves here in Sweden why deliveries can be to end-users without middlemen.

All products are waterborne, zero- or VOC-compliant (Volatile Organic Compounds), non-flammable and non-toxic why they are safe to use.  Ecological and anti-allergic properties.  We are registered in the Company Register at the Swedish Chemicals Agency, S-172 13 Sundbyberg, and follow directives in Sweden and EC.  (Material Safety Data Sheets – MSDS – are available upon request.)

For technical information, see Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for resp. product.  Also available are detailed separate instructions about proper applications.


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