Polished Concrete

The term Polished Concrete is originally from 1920 when bee wax was used to get a shiny concrete, and has nothing to do with floor polish. Today the term Polished Concrete (also called Super Floor System) means concrete floors that, are grinded, honed and polished by using special tools, in combination with the consolidation of the concrete. Sometimes together with Chemical Stains to get various colours. As well as Concrete Resurfaces when existing floors are very uneven.

Polished Concrete can be carried out on both old, as well as new concrete floors. A treatment that provides an extremely high quality durable finish with a superior hardness. Therefore Polished Concrete has become very popular in high-traffic areas as it provides a maintenance-free surface. Also its non-allergic properties has made it the logical choice for hospitals, warehouses, retail stores, office buildings hotels, and schools etc.


The Environmental Properties

Concrete is a natural product. There are no combustible solvents. No chemicals that can cause “Sick House Syndrome” (SHS). No chemicals that can cause allergies.

The concrete can “breathe” that allows water vapour to evaporate through as there are no coatings that can flake, peel, crack, or separate. Coatings that otherwise can feed mould or fungi.

In the concept Polished Concept consolidation is involved with Pro Reactive Sealer, why the lime is permanent consolidated in the surface being maintenance-free for 20 years. As well as getting remarkable better resistance against most chemicals.

The Economical Properties

Polished Concrete is extremely competitive in price as it requires almost no main-tenance besides ordinary cleaning. Just sweep and mop only. From an economical point there is no other system that can match Polished Concrete in the long-run.  Extremely easy-to-clean.

The Aesthetical Properties

By various treatments various effects can be reached. For boutiques, hotels, offices, restaurants, etc. coloured concrete and natural coloured aggregates can be used to create unique patterns and designs, incl. logos. 

Sometimes power-troweled concrete can be confused with Polished Concrete, but are two different methods.  Polished Concrete means that surface has been ground (<100 grit) in several steps to get exposed aggregates.  Then honed (200-500 grit) and polished (800-1800 grit) to get an initial gloss.  By high polishing (1800-3500 grit) the final gloss will appear, which very much depends on involved aggregates.  That means normally 7-8 various steps.

Own products within this special niche are for the consolidation of the concrete.

Moreover, we can recommend suitable floor grinders and tools with prices normally half as much in comparison with corresponding available on the market.

For our clients there are detailed directions and instructions available why large savings can be done.