Sanding Wooden Floors

Many wood floors have been covered with paints coatings, carpets, tiles, etc. With right tools these floors are not complicated to refurbish getting back the original beauty. (Wood floors are sensitive against water why proper maintenance is important.)

Detailed information are available why here only follows a summary.






Removal of residues from adhesives or paint coatings, deep scratches, or uneven due to warps.




Normally the 1st step (except for laminated floor).  Removes lacquer or shellac.  Also removes scratches left when grit 16 has been used.




First sanding step for laminated floor. 

Second sanding step for cedar, pine, and parquet floor that have been sanded with grit 30.

Removes blemishes and scratches from grit 30.




Final sanding step when floor is going to be oiled allowing better penetration into the pores.




Normally the final sanding step for cedar, pine, parquet and laminated floor before lacquering.


Our own product within this niche is Pro Urethane Acrylic Sealer WB, which is a transparent lacquer with high resistance against wear.